Supercharge Your Health, Performance, and Recovery from Anywhere

On-Demand Mobile IV Hydration, Vitamins, & Supplements
to Your Home, Office, or Event

Get the full wellness experience of a traditional clinic anywhere, with unparalleled convenience and comfort, eliminating the need for you to travel or wait in a clinic’s waiting room.

  • On-demand, personalized IV therapy.

  • Potent mixes of vitamins and minerals directly to your home, office, event, or hotel room.

  • Immediate benefits such as increased energy, relief from various symptoms and ailments, enhanced athletic performance and improved recovery

  • All administered by our licensed nurses.

Get An IV In 2 Hours

No need to call and wait for us to find an available nurse in your area. You can book your IV right here and know exactly when and where your nurse will be with you.

Flat Rate Pricing

Most of our standard IVs are just $175, and our entry-level bag is just $99.

Mobile Health For All

we believe healthcare should be available to all, easy to get, easy to understand, and as convenient as possible.

Your nurse will send a text confirming the appointment and details, and you can get in touch with your provider for questions and concerns at any time.

Our office is here, but

5151 Ward Rd.

Wheatridge, CO 80033

(303) 578-4080

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